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Multi Email Notifier toolbar

This is Multi Email Notifier toolbar. All the functionalities of software can be achieved throughit. Some of the toolbar functionality applies to selected email account (Selected email account is shown in blue color with underline in left navigation pane).

Multi Email Notifier file group button This is the File group toolbar menu.
  1. New: Click this button to add a new email account. You will be presented with a wizard which will guide step by step to add an email account.
  2. Edit: Click this button to edit the selected email account. 
  3. Delete: Click here to delete the selected emal account. All the data related to the account will be deleted. This does not have any effect on the data or email address on the mail server.
  4. Check: Click here to check the selected email account for new emails. By default Multi EMail Notifier check for new emails in all account at every 10 minutes.

Multi Email Notifier account group button This is the Account group toolbar menu.
  1. Launch Mailbox: You can directly  go to the inbox of selected email account by clicking this button, except for POP3 account. The inbox of email account will be launched in Internet Explorer. For POP3 if you have mentioned web mail address of your mail server then it will be launched. You would have to login to the inbox. In the options window you can specify to automatically set the login password in clipboard when you click the "Launch Mailbox" button.
  2. Clear Data: This will clear all the email copies downloaded from mail server of selected email account so when the email account is updated next time then it will download fresh copy of emails. It does not change the email data on mail server in any way.
  3. Test Connection: Click this button to test connection for selected email account. You will be given details about the error if connection fails..

Multi Email Notifier tools group button This is the Tools group toolbar menu.
  1. Summary: When you start Multi EMail Notifier, summary is shown in main area. Clicking this button will show the same summary.
  2. Options: Clicking this button will show options window, where you can set various options about the software.
  3. Error Log: If at the time of checking email account for new email an error occurs then this button will be enabled. By clicking this button you can see the errors occurred.
  4. Check All: Clicking this button will check all the email accounts for new emails.
  5. Backup Restore: You can take the backup of email data and restore it later.
  6. Manage: You can enable/ disable individual accounts and also can set custom check interval for each account.

Multi Email Notifier help group button This is the Help group toolbar menu.
  1. Ask Us: If you have any question, you can directly ask it by clicking this button.
  2. Purchase: Click this button to purchase the software. Available only in trial version.
  3. Update: Click this button to check update for the software. By default Multi EMail Notifier automatically checks for update every time it starts.
  4. Help File: Clicking this button will open this help file.
  5. About Us: Click this button t0 view information about the software and visit the website.

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