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How to add your existing AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Ymail, Y7mail, Rocketmail, Live, IMAP or POP3 accounts.

This is the only thing you have do when you start using the software. Click the "New" button which is the first button on the left side of toolbar. A wizard window will be shown to help you to add an email account for which you have to check emails. On the first screen click the "Next" button.

Enter email account name

On this screen enter the name you want to give the account. It could be any thing and does not need to be the login name or email address. For my convenience I use email address so that I can easily identify it.

Choose type of email account

Choose the email service provider of your email account. POP3 / IMAP email accounts are those which are hosted on private mail servers and usually belongs to a company like

    Emails ending with:
  • belong to GMail Account.
  • / / (country level) to Hotmail Account
  • / / / / (country specific) to Yahoo Account
  • private / company website mails belong to POP3 Account.
  • emails of website using Google Apps are also supported through POP3

Applicable only if you have chosen POP3 / IMAP account Account

POP3 required details

This screen is shown only if you choose "POP3 Account" or "IMAP Account". On this screen you have to enter details about the POP3 / IMAP mail server. You can get the information about this from the service provider or our list of pop3 settings for incoming mail serves.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) creates an encrypted channel for communication between your computer and mail server, making the communication safe. We highly recommend that you use a mail server which provides this functionality.

Applicable only if you have chosen POP3 / IMAP account Account

POP3 optional details

This screen is shown only if you choose "POP3 Account" or "IMAP Account". Here you can enter the web address of mail server.

Many companies which provide POP3 / IMAp emails, also provide web based access to emails similar to hotmail, yhaoo. For example GoDaddy login page for webmail is The advantage is that you can directly access the login page of you mail account through the software or when you click the notification window.

If your server supports APOP then you can enter the shared secret. In our software we have taken extra measures to make sure that all your email data is secure.

Email login details

This is the last screen to enter the login for you email account. Under "EMail Address" it shows the account type name and icon for example in the above case it is POP3 account. Here you can enter your full email address and login password. The security of email data was our first priority while developing this software.

Email setup complete

On this screen you can test the email account you have just added. Click the "Test Connection" button to test the account. If there is any error you can still add the account by clicking "Finish" button. We have created a list of common errors and their probable cause.

Once you click the "Finish" button the new account will be added and shown on the left side navigation menu. Click on the account name to select it. You can click the "Check" button from toolbar to check for new emails. By default Multi EMail Notifier automatically checks for new emails every 10 minutes.

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